Samsung galaxy Note 5: Ahead of the time


It has been always a great experience with Samsung flagship. It introduces us latest features which amaze from within. There was Note 4 and its amazing pixel-packed display, empowering innards and trendy stylus. Samsung soon will be coming with its forthcoming flagship galaxy Note 5 in September and do not ask about the expectation as […]

Weak Points in iOS 9


It’s been just a few weeks since Apple launched iOS 9. This most up-to-date mobile operating system has amazing features to offer you which make it stand out of the crowd of other mobile OSes. Just like it happens with previous launches of mobile OS, there were many rumors before the real announcement of mobile […]



It is just the starting and somewhat summers have hoisted up badly. Air Conditioners are one thing that is now a big time necessity in everybodies home. Buying an air conditioner may not be a big thing but getting the best brand is. Samsung emerges to be one of the best brands for almost all […]

Samsung’s Feature Rich Smartphones


Samsung mobiles are doing really well by launching high end smartphones and has proved it’s potential by receiving overwhelming response in terms of specifications, performance and price, of course. This feature brings the rundown of latest Samsung smartphones launched in 2015. Samsung is ruling the smartphone world as it is gaining over its rivals by […]

Everything You Need To Know About Sony Xperia Z4

Sony Xperia Z4 passed all certification steps, likely to repeat Exmor RS IMX230 21 megapixel imaging sensor Good news for the Sony fans. Anyway, the raw news is that a suspicious device from the manufacturer has overcome the Federal Communications Commission in the United States. Now we don’t want to make you too silly by […]

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Whom out of you have made their minds to lighten the pocket to grab ‘high-end’ smartphone/phablet in the new year? Those with raised hands in response to this question should keep reading ahead, as here, I’m covering all about one of the best phablets launching next year- Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This device has been […]