What it is that should be blamed for the delay of Apple iTV?

The technology has been advancing at a very fast rate in the present time and we can see a lot of new and amazing projects that will be released in the coming year. The long teased and the Apple gadget that we were waiting for could be put on for delay again by the company. The reason behind this can be the shifting of the focus of the company on the gadgets that could be wear by the consumers like iWatch.

When we have a look at the news provided by the sources, the TV supply chain with respect to the Display Search, the pause has been pressed once again on the TV product by the company so that they are able to pay more attention to the highly muted iWatch.

What it is that should be blamed for the delay of Apple iTV?

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So the question is what more is left? The content remains as a sticky point for the Apple iTV project and the sources tell us that lining up various things in order as well as securing the proprietary content is another reason behind the delay of the iTV project.

So the release date of Apple’s iTV has been postponed for quite little time, and we can assume that the company won’t be able to launch its ambitious iTV before the year 2015.

The iWatch

We can say that the company may be wise enough to keep itself away from diving into the iTV business at present, and especially in this time when services like Hulu, Chromecast as well as Netflix upend the content each and every minute.

There is no doubt that the company also needs to catch up to the leading TV manufacturers that have been present into the game for many years and are constantly thinking about expanding the service and the quality that they provide to their customers.

Also when we look at the new Smartwatches, they are still very new in the market and which is inhabited by very less competitors such as Fitbit and Nike Fuel Band SE and also the leading Korean company Samsung.

Now adding some more fuel to the rumor fire, during the very recent Q4 call, the CEO of Apple Mr. Tim Cook said that the company was looking for some significant opportunities that could be ahead of us in both the current as well as new products category.

This can also mean that the company is indicating us that there may be more than one gadgets that are present in line to be launched that may also include smart watches as well as smart TV’s. Or there are also chances that the year 2014 can be the year of Apple’s gaming ambition to turn into reality.

Whatever may be the gadget released by the company, it is going to be revolutionary as well as one of the most innovative product that we would have seen till now. We all know how innovative the company can be and its capability to produce new technology, we just have to wait and watch that what product is going to be the next to surprise us.



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