Create Your Own Robot Using Multiplo

Multiplo is an opensource system to design and build things, especially robots, in an easy way. the founders were teachers teachers, who were upset by the lack of flexible teaching aids for robotics. Not satisfied by what was available in the market, they started prototyping robots by using laser-cutting acrylic and wiring some breadboard to it.

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Soon, they were giving lessons and designing parts that could be moved around to achieve the functions needed for the robot being built. As they worked around with these laser cut parts, they slowly found themselves working towards a larger dream – a flexible kit that people could use to learn, teach or simply play around with.

Multiplo is a kit that has everything you need to build a robot. All the parts have been tested for compatibility, and there is also the flexibility to add your own parts. it comprises a set of mechanical parts that are easy to assemble , difficult to break and simple to customize.

The system is based on mathematical relationship between the dimensions of the components, making them match each other. The makers also decided to design and manufacture their own controller because  they wanted something user-friendly, yet powerful and hackable, so they developed DuinoBot, an all in one expandable, Aurdino compatible robot controller with motor outputs, easy to use sensor connectors, etc.

While they provide graphical software for programming the system, for beginners they also have a set of pre-recorded action that can be commanded with a common TV remote control. The system works completely out of the box, and you can easily build a robot within hours.

You can re-program its controller, add Aurdino compatible shield like WiFi and GPS, or your own custom made parts. The whole system is open-source, and the parts have also been designed such that they can reproduced using simple tools.

All mechanical blueprints, laser-cutting files, robot projects. software examples and documentation are open source and have been released under the RMPL license.


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