How To Create Virtual Machine using Virtual Box

How To Create Virtual Machine using Virtual Box: Hello to all the Techomech readers, this article is based on the concept of virtualization so first of all I am going to introduce you with certain terms like virtualization and virtual machine. This article helps you to manage multiple operating systems on single machine using Virtual Box. Let’s move toward the concept Virtualization, it is simulation of software like Virtual Box, VMware, Microsoft virtual PC etc. and hardware on which you can run other software. And this type of simulated environment is known as Virtual Machine. As I mentioned above three software programs that are Virtual Box, VMware and Microsoft Virtual PC among all of them Virtual Box is mostly used simulator. It is not necessary that if you have windows installed host machine so that you can only install Windows OS in virtual box even you can install Linux OS too.

The performance of virtual machines depends on hardware configuration of your physical machine. But mainly depends on processor because for the best performance of virtual machine your computer’s processor should have the support of virtualization technology. If we go for a Intel processor so it should have the support of Intel-VT and on the other hand AMD processor should have AMD-V support for getting the best performance. For a normal virtualization it doesn’t requires the virtualization support, you can use it on normal processors also.



In the above picture the bottom layer show the Physical machine configuration above this layer host machine operating system is installed and virtualization software is installed on host operating system and on the top layer of this figure three virtual machines are shown which run on the simulator(virtualization software).

Steps for creating virtual machine using Virtual Box

Step 1:

First of all download the Virtual Box Software from here . Choose the software according to your Operating System and Processor Architecture. After downloading the software install it in your system.

Step 2:

Then launch the software and click on new option for creating a new virtual machine, then type a name for virtual machine select the type of OS you wanna install and click on next option.

virtual machine

Step 3:

Now here you have to select the amount of RAM(random access memory) which is to be allocated to your virtual machine. It depends on you that how much RAM is available on your host machine.

how to create a virtual machine

Step 4:

In this step the software will ask for virtual hard drive, so here i have select the create new virtual hard drive option after that follow the diagrammatic instruction given below.








Step 5:

Now your virtual machine requires the Image file or a CD of Windows xp, so as shown in below picture click on show option and then browse your image file or CD whatever you want to use.


Step 6:

Finally your virtual machine is installing the operating system in it , just complete the installation process of operating system and you are done with it ….



Finally you are done with it and learnt how to create a virtual machine…. :)

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