Galaxy Note 4 Amazingly Hard Confirmed Facts

A lot has been said concerning the Samsung’s next big release, Samsung galaxy note 4, alongside its counterpart, the galaxy S5. The internet is full of information on the news on the note 4; this information actually cuts across a range of things such as the features the note will be coming with, the specifications it carries, the release dates and so on. Fans across the world are also waiting eagerly trying to refresh and update their knowledge on the new developments in this release as bloggers are at task trying as much as they can to meet this need. However, it is quite evident that a lot of information being produced may not be quite true since there is a lot of hearsay here and there. Therefore, it is important to pinpoint the hard facts that have already been highlighted to be real with the upcoming note 4.


Some of the Confirmed News

It is common knowledge that Samsung has been using the IFA trade show in Berlin Germany as their launch pad for the galaxy note series. Last year actually, the company had sent some invites to an unpacked event that was to take place on 4th September. It was around this time that the galaxy note 4 predecessor was debuted. Samsung galaxy note 3 can be termed as one very popular note so far in this entire series, something that the note 4 will have to compete with. The note 3 has served as a major flagship to the Korean company, alongside the galaxy s4.

Unlike the Samsung galaxy s5 whose release date has been confirmed to next week on 24th February, the closest news at the moment of the release of the galaxy note 4 is this coming fall. Well, this is according to the Samsung‘s Executive, and hence a reliable source. This also holds a lot of water especially looking at it from the analysts’ point of view. This is because judging from the past experiences as well as past data on galaxy note releases, the same period that ranges around September really looks quite likely. In addition, the Samsung Design America’s head of Studio Mr. Dennis Miloseski confirmed this at the CES 2014, citing the following in the trend of the galaxy note 4 predecessors. However, there was some more information that was looming, stating that the release would actually take an early date and fall within the second half of the year 2014, according to the Bloomberg.

Galaxy Note 4 Water and Dust Resistant Property

It is now official that the Samsung Company is reported to be saying that all their flagship Smartphone models will come with a unique property of water and dust resistance. The galaxy note 4 is not left out in this. This is a very unique feature that is going to open up the market potential of this note. Therefore, you should not be worried if you happen to be in a dusty or a wet environment!


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