Google Nexus 6 vs Apple iPhone 6

A time will come when Apple’s most awaited next flagship phone, iPhone 6, have to face Google’s flagship device Nexus 6 at some point this year. However, the details regarding Nexus 6 are very little, but this has not stopped the designers from building their own Nexus 6 and iPhone 6 concepts in their minds.

google nexus vs iphone 6
Since the last 5 years, Google and Apple have been releasing their flagship Smartphones in the market. For Apple, iPhones have been an iconic Smartdevice which was launched by the company years ago and it was the device that started the era of Smartphones. Apple recently launched its latest iPhone 5S in September last year, but the rumors tell us that it will soon be replaces by its successor iPhone 6.

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Google also releases its Flagship Smartphone, i.e. Nexus devices, once a year, and which possesses a very sleek design as well as very high specifications and has a very affordable price range. The recent rumors state that the next Nexus device could be manufactured by Lenovo and could even be the last Nexus device before the company closes up the shops.

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Some concepts emerged on the internet regarding Apple iPhone 6 that have been leaked in recent weeks. Also Ovalpictures gave us another look about how Apple could include larger screen as well as other features in its next flagship Smartphone.

The iPhone 6 concept makes use of a metal design which is about 6.1 mm thin and even thinner than its predecessor iPhone 5S, which is just 7.6 mm thin. The size of the display screen that will be included in the device could by 5.1 inch, standing apart from the rumors that say about the size of display screen ranging from 4.7 inch to 5.5 inch.

The iPhone 6 concept introduced by Farahi consists of a lot more high end features that the company may include in the device. It also mentioned about Touch ID that could be embedded in the home button of the device and whose manufacture will be starting later in the year.

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Now when we talk about Google Nexus 6, the consumers can expect a lot of features which will definitely make them blow bells and whistles and is going to be one of the big Smartphone running of Android OS. Although there are not much rumors regarding the Smartphone but it is expected that it will be loaded with big and strong features that will take its functioning to new heights. Along with that the device is going to have a very solid design and very cheap price.

Google basically releases its Nexus devices late every year.  We saw that Nexus 5 was released in the month of November 2013, so we could expect that Nexus 6 will also arrive late in the year. While, iPhone 6 is rumored to release in the month of June July similar to the previous models and which means that people are going to  have a good look on the Apple device before they really encounter the  next Google Nexus device.


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    L.G g3 & nexus 6 are the best on the market thats what i think anything L.G makes is top of the line i say i hate I phone and samsung there ok when it comes to phones but there t.v’s are trash ill buy a Samsung phone ☎ before i buy the t.v

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