iOS 8 – Everything You Need to Know

With the release of iOS 7, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook claimed that it was the biggest change ever occurred in iPhone since 2007. The software update received enormous change and it totally flipped the way we use iPhone. This major update was full of new features like Call Block, Multiple App Switching Gestures and lots more. It’s been a year since the last update which changed the total UI and design of iOS. There’re rumors going around the market about Apple’s newer breed of iOS. Let’s take a deeper look at it and discuss what we can expect to get from iOS 8.

iOS 8 – Everything You Need to Know

What We Can Expect from Apple

Change default iOS Applications

From the beginning Apple didn’t let their customers to hide or change the default apps for reading messages or finding maps or even perform other default tasks. Different people have different choice of usage of apps and we’d like to see Apple doing it for us by enabling the option to hide boring apps and change the default iOS apps.

Parental Account Control System

A parental or guest account is pretty necessary when any friend or colleague starts to look up your phone. A child account would be great for people who have a techy-child. Apple could include a single-tap Child or Guest account without changing any of the saved settings.

App Management Improvement

Apple automated app updates should carry more improvements to battle other operating systems. All of iOS’s default apps should have decent app management system which can enable users to have vast user-friendly options.

Group FaceTime Calls

Specially, this isn’t something that’s attached to iOS 8 but we’d like to see it in iOS 8. Apple’s one-on-one FaceTime app is great but making group calls would be more amazing as well.

iOS Notifications Gestures like Mavericks

Apple included a lot of features in Mavericks and the interactivity of the notifications is amazing. As an example, if you receive any message during watching a video, a pop-up will automatically let you reply the message without closing or changing video playback. We want this for iOS 8 as well.

Extended Version of Do Not Disturb App

Apple might be sluggish to bring more features on Do Not Disturb App but it’ll be great for the majority of users to have different schedules which will allow them to have one setting for weekdays and other for weekends.

Multiple Apps Running Simultaneously

We love how iOS 7 made our life easier. But, sometimes, running two apps at once is a great way of multitasking. Just like the new Note Pro 12.2, we’d like to see some response from Apple to bring the capability of running two or more apps simultaneously on the same screen.

Rumors and what we are getting

The rumors are suggesting that Apple won’t bring any massive change in iOS 8. They either don’t have enough time or manpower to do it every single year.

The new Health OS will take place and some apps which were boring in iOS 7 might get deleted in iOS 8. Let’s hope for the best and see what Apple is actually planning for us. We’ll keep you updated with the recent news as well.


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