Samsung Galaxy S5 features and release date

Samsung Galaxy S4 is now one of the best of its class among any other rival smartphone in the present market of smart handsets. But Samsung is likely to introduce its next flagship device in 2014 and it is for sure that it will be a masterpiece and will be cherished by everyone who buys it. We think Samsung will release two flagship device Galaxy S5. So here are some of the analysed and speculated features that the dream smartphone Galaxy S5 will sport.

Samsung Galaxy S5 features and release date

Image Source: GSMArena

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Metal Body: Many of the customers have given a bad review on the plastic shiny body of the Galaxy S series especially S4 but now Samsung has decided to give its latest upcoming creation a better look by giving it a metallic finish. The company which makes metal body for smartphone companies like Apple and HTC has given a positive nod on the rumours and we can be sure of this news.

Dust and Weather Proof: Just like its rival Sony Xperia Z Samsung has also planned to give its upcoming device a toughness and rigidity. Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a rugged tough body with dust resistant and weather proofing.

64-bit Processor:  Samsung’s greatest rival Apple has already launched its 64-bit processor smartphone. So it is quite obvious for Samsung to follow the trail and include a smart and faster 64-bit processor. Rumours suggest that S5 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 which will be as fast as 2.5Ghz which is higher than Nexus 5 and LG G2.

Ultra-Sensitive Camera: Samsung has been developing a smarter camera with 13 mega pixel. Though S4 also features a 13 mega pixel camera but this new camera will be extra sensitive and will have an anti-shake quality. The anti-shake correction will be up to 1.5 degrees whereas the normal stabilisation capacity is 0.7 degrees. The images from the camera will be eight times more clear and bright.

Eye Scanner: While all the smartphone companies are running around to include a finger printing technology but Samsung is focused to do something out of the box and it is going to include an iris scanner which will literally scan the retina and then only will accept it as a password from the user.

Release Date and Price: Some of the rumours suggest that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be out two months earlier than the usual launch of the Galaxy S series from Samsung. This is due to the Apple’s iPhone 5S with the 64-bit technology. So to compete with its rival Samsung may take such steps but for now we can’t be so sure about that.

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