Google Authorship : Setup Google Authorship and Check Your Author Rank

Hello friends!! Have you heard about Google Authorship? No! Yes! May be yes!

But how many of you setting up Google Authorship for your website? Why you should should go for it? Is it important from SEO point of view? How to Setting up? Too many questions, but no need to scratch your head you will find answers of all above questions in this article.

What is Google Authorship:

Many of you aware of Google authorship markup, however, it is important to know about this. In simple words Google authorship is just a byline and image of author in search results with the article.

Google Authorship is the simple way to link your content to your Google plus profile in search result.

Why you should go for it:

Imagine your Facebook profile with a default blank image as your profile picture, would you like it? Don’t know about you, but the majority of your friends and other people will not like and will never attract towards your profile.

Author image and byline plays same role in search results. Google authorship also plays an important role to publicize your Google+ profile to your visitors and in turn people easily build connections to you and in turn you get more friends and followers in your circle.

Is it important from SEO point of view:

Yes, it is also important from SEO point of view.

A rich snippet provides more detail or context than a standard snippet. What is your social sharing strategy? Have you used G+ and their community to share your content, if not you should understand this point Google+ is Google, But do you think why I am taking about social sharing strategy in SEO, Social bookmarking and sharing play vital role in your overall SEO and you can’t ignore the power of Google Plus.

How to Setting up:

You can easily set up the Google authorship markup for your blog by following method:


Step 1. Create Google+ profile, headshot, basic info should be original.

Step 2. Go to,  up with your email and click on the verification link we send you. Link Your Google Plus Profile To Your Website

Setup Google Authorship and Check Your Author Rank

Step 3. Verify Your Email Address On Google+


Setup Google Authorship and Check Your Author Rank

Step 4. Link Your Content To Your Google+ Account.


Setup Google Authorship and Check Your Author Rank

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Is Google Authorship working for you? Check it: 

After completing everything wait for 2 to 3 days to allow Google to index your authorship along with your article, but after that if your image and byline not showing with your article in search result you can check it by following link and find errors where you did mistake. Here is the link:

Now everything is done!!! Now check your author rank:

Done everything now its time to check your author rank, you can check your author rank by following the link. Here is the link:


How To Troubleshoot Google Authorship Issues, A Step-By-Step Flowchart.

Setup Google Authorship and Check Your Author Rank


For More Information Visit here :-


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